FOUNDATION ENGINEERING SPECIALISTS LLC (FES) is a Missouri registered Limited Liability Company. FES engineering associates are licensed, insured, and certified, specializing in materials and soils, mathematics, and both mechanical and civil design.

Why an Engineer?
Selling, buying, or refinancing your home is BIG business! For many of us, our homes are the biggest investments we ever make. By law, only an engineer has authority to make binding judgments on your home's structural condition. We specialize in helping you make completely informed choices so that you can protect that important investment.

Prudent Repairs
Get a professional assessment before you contract for home structural repairs. Typically, you will spend less money for those repairs.

FES provides structural engineering services with a primary focus in the metropolitan Kansas City area, but we service clients all over the world as well. FES engineering associates have completed engineering assignments all over the world and are available on an ongoing basis.

Our service objectives are based solely on the principles of good engineering practice. Our Code of Ethics binds FES engineers to put public safety and building code compliance above all other considerations. We do not support silent affiliations or for-profit referrals.

FES engineers and associates received on-the-job training with Fortune 500 companies. FES produces audit-worthy work in compliance with applicable codes, offering competitive prices for every project.